Public Benefit

The University explicitly demonstrates its public benefit and civic impact through a variety of activities:

  • The educational opportunities it offers through its teaching and outreach work to students from under-represented groups and communities, especially in Bolton and the North West, making it one of the most socially inclusive universities in the country.
  • Its collaborative working with public agencies, educational partners and private enterprise to improve the economic prospects and social mobility of Bolton and the North West, appropriately symbolised by the new Bolton One development of a Health, Leisure and Teaching/Research Centre on the campus, supported by Bolton Council and NHS Bolton.
  • Its involvement in the cultural life of the town, region and country – exemplified by its partnership work with Bolton Museum, the National Media Museum (Bradford), BBC North and the Octagon Theatre Bolton.
  • Its work with local voluntary agencies and charities such as Council of Voluntary Services, Bolton Rotary Club and Bolton Equality Group to create equality of opportunity and civic harmony in Bolton and beyond.
  • Its applied research and knowledge transfer in support of businesses, the NHS, the Further Education sector and community bodies.
  • Its commitment to internationalism and the bringing together of cultures through education.
  • Its commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction.

The delivery of public benefit is at the top of the University's agenda and a full detailed account of the University's activities is described in more detail in the University's Financial Statements. Through its current Strategic Plan the University aims to respond positively to the challenges facing universities as government policy on funding and finance change.

Further, in setting and reviewing the University's objectives and activities, the University's Governing Body has had due regard to the Charity Commission's guidance on public benefit and also HEFCE's guidance on demonstrating the public benefits of higher education. In implementing its aims and objectives, the University is guided by the values set out in its Strategic Plan and the University Governing Body is mindful of its responsibility to ensure that the University acts for the benefit of the public.  

Charitable Status

The University of Bolton is an exempt charity under the  Charities Act 2006 ('Act').

In accordance with the Act the University is subject to charity legislation rather than being regulated by the Charity Commission.

It is currently regulated by the  Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and, as Principal Regulator; HEFCE has a duty to promote our compliance with charity law.

The University's legal name is The University of Bolton higher education corporation . Its correspondence address is:

The University of Bolton
Deane Road

Governing Documents

The University's governing documents (in force in 2009/10) comprise of the Statutory Instrument and the Articles of Government .

University Trustees

The governing body of the University is the Board of Governors. Members of the Board of Governors are also the trustees of the University and, as at 31 January 2018, include the following individuals:


Professor George E Holmes DL

 george Holmes Bolton Lads and Girls Club

Bolton College

Bolton Arena



Professor Roger Lewis

 roger Lewis  

Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

Friends of Beverley Minster

 Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch  nigel McCulloch

Liverpool College

Bolton College

Grange Rotary Club

Prof HH William Morris william Morris

Bolton Wanderers Free School

Bolton College

Ms Rachel Hannan  Rachel Hannan Leeds Community Foundation
Mr Andrew Fawcett  andrewfawcett

Bolton College

Mrs Kate Flood  Kate_Hall_200px Bolton College
Prof Jennifer Leeming mJennifer Leeming

Bolton College

Bolton University Students' Union

Mr Andrew Roberts  Andrew-Roberts

The Whitehorse Project

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary Rawtenstall

Bolton College

Ms Gill Waugh gill Waugh


Bolton College

Bolton University Students’ Union

Miss Stacey Johnson

  Bolton University Students’ Union




Governors are required to adhere at all times to the Code of Conduct for Governors  (which includes the Statement of Primary Responsibilities).

Strategic Plan  

Every six years the University publishes its Strategic Plan, outlining its goals and strategic vision for the future.  Please  click here to download a PDF of the University's current Strategic Plan  2015-2020.

Financial Statements

Each year the University publishes its annual audited Financial Statements. The University's current Financial Statements (and including those of previous years) are  available via the Finance website