Congratulations on deciding to study in the UK. Making the decision to study in the UK is a big life-changing opportunity and all potential students should be very proud of themselves for taking this step.

New students in the UK face many challenges but with the support of friends, family and University staff along with helpful information, no challenge should be too big.

The most important thing for all new students is to prepare yourselves fully for the move to the UK to ensure that your first days and weeks are as fun as possible. If the first few days run smoothly then you will find that the rest of the time will also run smoothly. Arriving on time to the University, having accommodation pre-arranged and being involved in the orientation process will all help you to succeed in the long-run.

All students should read the information on this website in case there is any aspect that has not been considered.

We would also recommend that all new students speak with any friends or family with experience of the UK and also to your in-country representative (if applicable). And remember that the staff at the University are always happy to help if you have any further issues.

When to arrive

When a new student has accepted the place on the course, emails will be sent with full details of the date that they are expected to enrol in the University. You will not receive information about the exact timing of your lectures and will not receive your timetable. This information can only be issued once a new student has enrolled and will be issued by the Academic School in the first week. We cannot issue timetables before arrival.

We all look forward to meeting you in the UK and hope that you have an enjoyable journey!