Please download a copy of our research degree application form  (Microsoft Word).

Before applying for a research degree you should contact the relevant Research Coordinator for the academic area where you think that your research proposal could be located to discuss your subject specialism and the nature of the research that you wish to undertake. This will inform you of the types of specialism that we are able to support. You can also visit the web pages of the academic area. All completed research degree application forms must be submitted to University admissions and not to the Research Coordinator. 

You must make all applications on the research degree application form following the instructions for submission on that form. Please do not make applications direct to the Research Coordinator or School concerned.

Please note that only fully completed applications, including a research proposal and copies of certificates, received by the deadlines given below will be processed. We do not make conditional offers, so please ensure you have all the necessary documentation before applying. An application that is not received by the deadline will be considered for the next available intake.

Available start dates and apply by dates

Please note we are unable to offer start dates that are different from the ones listed below.

Start Date  

Apply By Date

     9th May 2018   

 9th March 2018

 17th September 2018  

    25th June 2018         

 28th January 2019         

 2nd November 2018     

The Research Coordinators for each subject area (listed A-Z) are as follows:

Subject AreaResearch CoordinatorContact Details

Accounting and Business

Dr Denis Hyams-Ssekasi 01204 903693

Art & Design

Dr. Terry Speake

 01204 903380
Built Environment & Civil Engineering Dr. Peter Farrell 01204 903426

Community Studies

Joanne Smith

 01204 903784

Computer Science

Dr. Rob Campbell

 01204 903417

Digital Entertainment

Dr. Rob Campbell

 01204 903417


Professor Dai Griffiths

 01204 903598

Engineering Professor Peter Myler  01204 903661

English & Creative Writing

Dr. Terry Speake

 01204 903380

Health & Well-Being

Professor Romesh Gupta

 01204 903609

Information Systems

Dr. Rob Campbell

 01204 903417

Islamic Finance

Dr Sabri Mohammad

 01204 903162


Dr. Paul Fryer

01204 903620

Mass Observation and Worktown Studies

Dr. Bob Snape

 01204 903609

Materials, Research & Innovation

Professor Baljinder Kandola

 01204 903517
Medical, Biomedical and Life Sciences Dr Ianis G. Matsoukas 01204 903409


Dr. Terry Speake

 01204 903380


Dr. Michelle Lowe

01204 903760

Sport, Performance, Recovery & Rehab

Dr. Colin Robertson

01204 903789 

Sport Sociology and Policy

Dr. Bob Snape

 01204 903609

For Off-Campus enquiries please contact Professor Danny Morton t: +44 (0)1204 903040 e: